Goody Bags

Friday, November 19, 2010

My goodies that I picked up today from the clinic. The thinner boxes contain the Cetrotide which I will inject from day 6-12 and the fatter boxes are Gonal F which I will start day 1-12. So double injections eventually for me!

I learnt how to inject. It doesn't seem too complicated. The most I have to do is mix up saline with the Cetrotide powder to then inject. I think I will be ok doing it. Sure my stomach will be bruised and sore by the end of it though!

Now I take my last pill tomorrow and wait for my period to arrive. Hopefully it comes quick and doesn't delay this whole process. On day 1 of my period I go for some blood tests and then the nurses confirm when I start injecting. Hopefully by Thursday.

Along with my meds I got a stack of paperwork including several forms for different blood tests, info on both Gonal F & Cetrotide and hospital admission forms for EPU.

It's all feeling very real and getting close. I hope there are no setbacks and everything runs smoothly from here. I would hate the cycle to be cancelled.

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