Rain Rain Go Away...Like NOW!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

You know how I've been bitching about the rain?!!?

Well my bitching is going to take on a whole new level....

DH is away at work (as you all probably know). Right now he is working up north..and it's wet season. It's been ok up until now. They have had a little bit of rain this week, but nothing like what we have been experiencing here....UNTIL TONIGHT!

Just got a text message from DH (who is working as he is on night shift 6pm-6am)...

'Pissing down rain here. If the roads flood I won't be coming home.'

Ok now you can cue the major swear words that escaped from my mouth when I received this text.

If the roads flood, they will not be able to drive from the camp where they are to the airport. This is about a 2 hour drive from the middle of nowhere to the closest major town.

It's not exactly a problem for our EPU. We have the 'sperm pop' in the freezer, so worst case scenario if DH doesn't make it home by Wednesday morning then the clinic can use this to fertilise my eggs. The part I'm more concerned about is missing his emotional support.

He is meant to drive me to the hospital and then pick me up when I'm done.
He's meant to be all sweet and caring and pamper me while I rest up from the EPU procedure.
He's meant to be here so we can get all excited about the number of eggs that were removed.
He's meant to be here when I get the call from the clinic about how many eggs were fertilised so we can celebrate or commiserate with each other.
He's meant to be here for the ET...and for the first few days of the TWW to keep me positive.

What am I going to do without him by my side?!?!?

If my parents and sister are working then I have noone to drive me/pick me up from hospital. I also have noone to be with me in the 24 hours following the anaesthetic (hospital rules) unless my mum or sister are able to stay the night.

I hope this rain lets up. I don't want to do this part without him here.

Ugh stupid hormones. Made myself cry.