Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So here we go..the play by play. It's 9:30pm but after all the sleeping I did today I do not feel
the need for bed yet.

We were up early and got to the hospital by 6:15am. Went through all the admissions paperwork, paid the bill (well my PHI excess) and kissed DH goodbye. I only sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes before a nurse called me in.

The nurse did all the pre procedure checks and led me to a bed and handed me the sexy hospital gown to put on. Lay up on the bed reading a magazine.

Next up the anethesist (SP?!) came and had a quick chat with me along with another nurse. This was around 7:15am. I was wheeled through just before 7:30 so was impressed that they were on schedule. I think I was first up!

Spoke briefly to one of the scientists from the clinic who was there to look after my eggs then the anethesist was back to put in my canula and give me a shot of something that would 'make me feel like I'd had a glass of wine'.

I also met the doctor performing the pickup procedure (another FS) just before I got wine substitute. His last words to me were ' you will be back here at the hospital in 8 and a half months having a baby'. Like his thinking!!!!

They then wheeled me into theatre where I lay for a minute or two while they got organised. They had Cold Play playing in the background...then one of the nurses (there were about 6 people in the room and I assume most were nurses) gave me the gas mask and I was gone.

It's amazing how you totally lose an hour of you life and not remember a thing. I woke at around 8:30am. A nurse explained I was in recovery and asked if I was in pain. I could only nod. It only felt like a dull ache at first. She went to get me a hot pack but while she went away the pain hit and I started to cry....I'm not sure if I was really in that much pain or if I was in shock or something. I can just remember thinking how much I wanted to see DH. Another nurse must have heard me crying and she said that she would get me something for the pain. She gave me a shot of something and gave it a few minutes but I was still high on the pain scale so they gave me another one.

That seemed to do the trick and they took the oxygen mask off me soon after and I dozed for a short while. They then wheeled me round to second stage recovery and this is where I was told thru had picked up 14 eggs. I had been to dopey to remember to
check my hand but there it was!

Nurse took my vitals and said I was still looking pale so try to sleep some more. The pain was not as bad as earlier but it was there. More like a dull ache but I couldn't get comfortable. I must have dozed but remember tossing and turning a lot.

At one stage they bought another lady through who must have had an EPU too. She only got 6 eggs. Made me feel sad for her (as I know that would have disappointed me) but also made me feel even happier for our great result!

Once I managed to get up and go to the bathroom (without falling over or fainting) the nurse was happy for me to change and go to third stage recovery and sit in a recliner. I was much more comfortable. Had some water (throat so dry and scratchy), looked at my magazine and dozed.

At some point the nurse must have called DH and said in another 30-40 minutes i would be ok to go home. He arrived at around 11:30 I think. After one last set of obs and the removal
of my canula I was good to go!

DH helped me out to the car and we stopped off to get lemonade and panadol. He set me up in bed with a heat pack and that's where I spent most of the day dozing and watching DVDs.

My mum came this afternoon with flowers which was very sweet. And my sister popped round this evening with some choccies!

The pain is bearable. It's similar to period cramps but not quite. More uncomfortable than painful. Panadol and a heat pack is working fine. Had a little bit of spotting before I left the hospital but that's normal.

Tomorrow I call the clinic at 10am to find out our fertilization rate! Excited to hear how well DHs sperm have done!

He played out his part in the baby making this morning. He was able to produce his sample at home and then take it to the clinic by 8:30. It's strange to think that right now we have embies being made..and we are not even present!

I am not to concerned about the fertilization. With all those eggs I would be happy if we got 8 or 9. Just so long as we have a few to stick back in the freezer for later.

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Nani said...

Ok seriously just got teary reading that. I am so excited for you, can't wait for the results!!!!