The Numbers Are In...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Made the call to the clinic this morning...

We have 8 fertilised eggs!!!! Smiley

Now we just need them to keep dividing...and hope we have a nice 4 cell to put a few to freeze!

Transfer is tomorrow morning at 9am. It's done at the IVF clinic by my FS. I'm awake for it. I think it will be that weird scan/measuring thing the FS did at the beginning of the cycle. Fun! But if it brings us a baby...I am all for it!!

Feeling ok this morning. Have some pain still. It's more like a funny throbbing/stabbing pain and only on my the crampy feeling in between. Heat pack and panadol still seem to be doing the trick though. I am keeping up my fluids as I am paranoid about getting OHSS but I have no signs of it fingers crossed it stays that way! I did read that ladies with PCOS are more likely to suffer from it, so that scared me a little.

I can't believe this time tomorrow I will be PUPO....may be the closest I get to being pregnant!