An Update

Friday, December 31, 2010

Today I am  5 weeks 2 days pregnant!

Can't quite believe it's been over a week since we found out. Time flies, especially over the festive season I suppose. It is definitely sinking in. I am well and truely past the arrival of my period, so I can breathe a little sigh of relief. Next goal is to make it to 7-8 weeks for a scan! The longer I wait, the better chance of hearing our little ones heartbeat. DH is quite excited at the prospect of this so I will have to ensure we can have the scan done when he is home.

I had a visit on Monday from the wonderful Nani and GreenSprout and they came bearing gifts!!

Not only did  GS bring me more HPTs and OPKs to feed my POAS addiction, but she also gave me a very cute onesie.

Nani gave me a very cute baby book and a Winne the Pooh bath washer.

Plus Nani has loaned me her doppler!!! I am under strict instructions to not touch this until I am past the 12 week mark, and to not let it stress me out or panic!

Had a lovely time catching up with the girls. Both are looking very pregnant with their gorgeous bellies! So lucky to have met such wonderful people and to have them in my life. They are both passing on all their pregnancy knowledge which will no doubt come in very handy. GS has even emailed me a list of useful information and websites so I am not overwhelmed when we start making baby purchases!

As for the last few days, we have been away on a camping/hunting trip. We ventured to New South Wales to a tiny town called Walgett. It was an adventure to say the least. Due to flooding there were many roads closed leaving us to detour around. The trip on the way there took 17 hours. Long and tedious to say the least. On the way home wasn't as bad-about 9 hours. All up we drove over 2000kms!!

It was worth it when we got there. We camped on a property and the owner has over 65 000 acres of land. There was nothing around but wildlife. The weather was perfect-blue skies and sunshine. The boys managed to get some hunting in, but were dissapointed that there were no pigs to be seen. They had to be satisfied with roos, emus and rabbits.

DH was not to impressed with the million pee stops we had to make for me. Bumpy roads and pregnant bladders do not mix! The same goes for 4WDing and sore, swollen boobs...all I have to say is OUCH! I was a little bit paranoid about all the rough tracks and me bouncing around in the car. Worried about our little embie being rattled lose or something. Tried to put the fears to the back of my mind for the trip, and figured that unless I started bleeding or felt extreme cramps then it should be ok. Hopefully our little one was not bounced around too much in there.

I was extremely glad to be home and have access to a real toilet and shower! Roughing it for a few days is about as much as I can take! And to be in our own bed last night was heaven! I have a funny feeling that will be my first and only pregnant camping trip!

New Years Eve tonight and what a difference a year can make. This time last year I was in the TWW and did not drink in fear of being pregnant. Of course, I wasn't! But here we are now a year on and I finally have a little embie burrowing in tight for the next 8 months. Amazing! Just makes me want to jump around in excitement, but I wont...I think we have both had enough bouncing to last us a long while!

We are off to a friends house for a NYE party. Everyone attending knows I am pregnant so I won't have to worry about thinking up an excuse for not drinking. I hope you all have a lovely NYE whatever your plans may be. And for those still waiting for your BFPS, I hope 2011 is your year.


Green Sprout said...

I think the only way I can describe how I feel about this post is by utilising a big, juice, high pitched SQUEEEEEEEEEE! ^_^ Just so happy to see your year finish on a high not and also see you so happy and bubbly!!