It's Official

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sorry for taking so long with the update but it was a very emotional and anxious 24+ hours!

After my wonderful BFP from Tuesday night (here it is again to refresh your memories), I POASed again on Wednesday morning...

This POAS was not so dark and freaked me right out! So after much consoling from Nani and GreenSprout in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, I decided that I should go get my blood test done that morning and put my mind at ease.

Some sort of stuff up (or conspiracy) with my results led to waiting around anxiously for the entire day, calling my FS office obsessively. After much chasing the results were finally in!

PREGNANT!!!! 4 weeks and 1 day today!!!

Level at 82 but apparantly this is normal for this early stage of pregnancy. (I have banned myself from goggling this as I know it will only lead to paranoia).

So, let the POAS party continue!!! (note Wednesday mornings lighter line...)

And the best one of all...

I cannot stop staring at my sticks. I am amazed that my pee made those 2 pink lines show up! I have been so used to only seeing 1 that it's quite a shock. And I have been waiting forever to use a digital and see the word 'pregnant'. I still have one more digital and 2 more FRs to use...will space them out over the next week or two. Just for peace of mind. DH thinks its a waste of money, but I need the reassurance!

So what else...FS said I can stop Metformin (hooray) and just to use up what I have left of the Crinone (double yay) which is only another day or 2 worth of cream. I will make an appointment with him in the new year for an early scan!!

IVF due date calulator puts my EDD at 31st August 2011. I am stoked with this as its the day my pop passed away and I feel like its a sign from him that it's all going to work out just fine! Also I won't be heavily pregnant in the middle of summer!!

We have told a few family and friends already as they were aware of us undergoing an IVF cycle. My mum, dad and sister are over the moon that it has worked. We also told my nanny (the one thats been unwell) and it made her day. She said it was the best Christmas present we could have ever given her. I visited her this afternoon and she looks so happy! This will be her 5th great-grandchild!

All the friends who we have told are also very excited. It's the first bub for our group of friends which makes it even more exciting I suppose! So lots of phone calls, text messages and hugs were flying around last night.

DH is excited but not jumping around all over the place like me! I think that's a male thing. But he is quite happy now to engage in baby discussions (eg names, babys room etc) which is great! One of the first things he said after I showed him the first pee stick the other night was 'oh we can start buying stuff now!' which just melted my heart! He is so ready for this which is not surprising considering how long we have been waiting!!

This has just made my families Christmas. After a year full of ups and downs (and more recently downs) it is so amazing to have such wonderful news. Gives me hope for the new year! I know 2011 is going to be a year filled with excitement and happiness.

A big thank you to all my blog followers who have been leaving messages. Thank you for sharing my journey and supporting me through. You have no idea how one little comment on a bad day can give me the will to keep going and smile. Special thanks to Nani and GreenSprout for all their love and support...and for helping a paranoid pregnant woman out!


Nani said...

Well now that you no longer have the ttc wooden spoon, I should probably pass that paranoid pregnant wooden spoon to you heey???

So so so happy for you guys!

Green Sprout said...

LOL at ^^^^^. I am hoping you will be a little more chilled than the two of us combined... but rest assured we're definately here to put any fears to rest. ;-)

To say that I'm excited for you both is an understatement. This is the start of something truely awesome and I can't wait for what's ahead! There are so many brilliant, amazing, wonderful things to share and every bit will remind you why everything you've been through is 100% worth it. :-) <3

Lindsay said...

Look at this awesome little trio you guys have going on, its so sweet. If you all were just not so nice and wonderful I just might be jealous. But instead I'm sending horray hugs and big congrats!

Yeoette said...

So so soooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic Christmas you will have, and what a special EDD you have been given! Definitely a sign!
Enjoy everything this next 9 months will bring xxx
P.S I was the EXACT same with the digital matter how many pink lines showed up, once the word PREGNANT appeared I really felt like we'd done it!
Congrats again xxx

Lauren said...

I'm late to the party but oh MAN I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Congratulations, that is so awesome! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months (well 40 weeks :D)