New Years Ramblings

Saturday, January 1, 2011


The year that I will spend mostly pregnant.
The year we will get to meet our baby.
The year we will become a mummy and daddy.

It's going to be a good year.
Life changing and full of new experiences.

I am SO ready for this!!!!

I am ready to move forward after our TTC journey and get on with this new stage. This does not mean that I will forget what it took to get us here though. The past 16 months are ingrained in my memory. I wear my TTC battle scars with pride. Never will I take pregnancy for granted. Some people just don't know how lucky they are not to have gone down the path of fertility treatment. IVF is not an easy journey and my hat goes off to ladies that must endure cycle after cycle of this with no result. I know I am one of the lucky ones.


Our NYE was a good one. We spent it with good friends and had lots of laughs. Despite being exhausted I managed to see the new year in. Infact I made it to about 1am before I felt like I could just fall asleep in my chair. DH didn't complain too much when I said it was time to go home. I think he was relieved to be saved from another round of the drinking game 'Kings'! We made it home just before 2am and I slept through until 10am. I am still exhausted but today is a lazy day. I have moved from bed to couch and back to bed again, with a shower in between. DH even made me pancakes for breakfast and is not hungover which is a blessing!

We both still have another 10 days of holidays to look forward to also. I plan on roping DH in
on some much needed cleaning...from all the rain and humidity there is mould growing on walls and doors which I want gone, and the tops of the cupboards in the kitchen are sooooo dusty! I also wouldn't mind cleaning all the windows, but that on it's own is a massive job in this galore! We'll see how cooperative DH wants to be!


On the baby front, I started exploring some of the websites Green Sprout sent my way. Most are baby goods stores and also a review site on products. All very interesting, but slightly over whelming to see all the gadgets you can buy for babies! I need to find a list of some form that outlines the must haves and the not so necessary...otherwise I will just be buying one of everything I see that looks good!

I know it is early days, but my mind has also started to wander to baby's room. Most likely baby will be in a bassinet in our room for a few months to start just so they are close and I don't have to wander up and down stairs all night (as our spare rooms are all upstairs). But eventually bubba will move upstairs to one of the rooms...the one that is completely empty at present. I want to repaint, get carpets cleaned and have a ceiling fan or air con installed before baby moves in. I'm not sure if nesting actually kicks in this early, or if its just me wanting to be organised but I am feeling the urge to start planning and cleaning. Not sure if I am actually motivated enough to do anything right now...and I think it is too early to anyway.


And finally, you have probably noticed that I have migrated to a new blog layout and a new name. I am still unsure if I am completely happy with it, but for now it works.