Monday, January 3, 2011

5 Weeks 5 Days.

Getting closer to the 8 week mark and having a scan! Just wish the public holidays would hurry up so I can call my doctor and book in. Feeling very impatient!

Nausea intensified yesterday so possibly a sign of things to come? I woke up yesterday morning feeling sick so ate some breakfast. Nausea subsided for an hour or so and then returned. We ended up going to the beach in the afternoon and the fresh air and sunshine seemed to make me feel better. Even managed to scoff some very yummy chips and calimari.

Savoury foods seem to be going down well and are what I feel like eating more often. DH cracked out some chocolate the other night and after a few squares it was NOT appealing. I am usually a chocoholic so this was a bit of a shock!!!!

I think I am going to have to buy some bigger bras soon. I feel like my boobs are overflowing when I wear my current ones. Not very comfortable! Even when I put my togs on yesterday I felt like there was a little too much boob on show! I think I need to go and get re-fitted so I get the right ones.

Got woken up early by DH this morning as he was going fishing. Feeling pretty tired...might go have a nap!


Green Sprout said...

Go for mat bras.... If you're not afraid of the cheap tag, then Kmart do them really well and cheaply. You'll stick with your current size longer than if you were to just getting bigger normal bras because they are bigger in cup and have a girth extender thingo at the back.

*thumbs up for morning sickness* :-D

They say to try not to let yourself get to an empty stomach. I found this to be true. I'd often feel sick before I had any idea that I was actually hungry. They recommend keeping dry crackers etc next to your bed to gnaw on before you get up etc. Think if your family history is anything to go by you'll only have a limited life for any of that working but hopefully, that will stay away for a little while yet!

Saranissa said...

First morning sickness is so exciting, something tangible that lets you know that you are not going completely crazy, you really are pregnant! That being said the excitement soon wears off. As GS said try to eat little and often, it helps to keep the nausea at bay. Also try and keep your fluid levels up especially if you are sick a lot (you need to drink a whole lot more in pregnancy then you would normally!).

Good Luck and roll on 8 weeks :D