Let it out

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lost it this afternoon when I saw DH. I cried and cried. He listened while I blubbered out how I am feeling. It was a good release. Even though he is slightly bewildered at the fact that I am so upset still. Men...*rolls eyes*

The period pain has lessened slightly but (sorry for the over share) there is still so much blood. Every time I go to the bathroom it's a horrible reminder and takes me back to last month..I just want it to be over.

Right now I'm wondering if the pain ever eases. Everything seems to remind me of what we lost. Nothing makes me feel better. I have lost hope. Our new FS appointment is too far away to focus on. Doing nothing is just wasting precious time and gives me too much time to focus on the fact that making a baby is totally out of my hands. It's all down to doctors and science. That hasn't worked out well so far..

I hurt every day. All I want is for this TTC nightmare to end.

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Tara said...

i wish i could tell you it all goes away.

but for me it hasn't

hoping for closure for you soon. & for your nightmare to end.