My Own Personal Pharmacy

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here's a shot of my pre cycle supplements/meds...just wait til I add the in cycle meds! I am going to rattle!!!

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Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure I'm taking the same ones as you. My husband makes fun of my pill case that I use..he calls me 'granny' lol.

Tara said...

oo lala!

I am not looking forward to my "pharmacy" right now its just prenatals & folic acid.

My dr said there was a study that showed in women that had previous miscarriage{s} that taking folic acid reduced her chances & carried.

I don't know if it is true; but that is the one thing I did different with Kennedy's cycle. Just thought I would pass on the info!


Tara said...

here we go:


I don't know if you are taking it or not but again passing along the info.

Summastarlet said...

Hey Tara.

I actually am taking folic acid. These supplements/meds were given to me in a list from my new doctor. As well as folic acid I am taking fish oil, zinc, aspirin, metformin & berocca.

Tara said...

opps sorry for the info overload then :)

C. Sue said...

Don't you love turning your home into a pharmacy! Good luck!

New Year Mum said...

Wow... what a collection already :)) I always feel so much better "doing something" to help along the way... my few vitamins pail into insignificance compared to your collection :) xoxo