Sunday, March 13, 2011

CD28, no sign of my period. Not sure what is going on..after the mood swings and cramps I really thought my period would have started by now. I guess I was wrong. Oh well, it doesn't really matter at this stage. We don't even know when we will be cycling again. So I don't really know why I am so concerned...

Nothing else going on. Just under 2 weeks until the new FS appointment. I am feeling quite nervous and anxious about it. I just wish I could fast forward past all this crap. Insomnia has flared up again. I am exhausted. Hoping the next few nights prove better so that I can feel slightly rested when I go back to work.

I look like crap. I have big, black bags under my eyes. I have pimples breaking out, oily, shiny skin. I'm bloated and pretty sure I have gained back all the weight I lost while on Metformin. I just feel so disgusting.