4 Years of Wedded Bliss?!?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Today..wait..it's 1am..so yesterday marked our 4 year wedding anniversary.


It doesn't feel like 4 years has passed since we got married. I can remember it like it was just last week. But boy have we come a long way since we got married at the ripe old ages of 23 (him) and 22 (me)!!

In the past 4 years...I graduated from uni, we bought a house, bought a dog, we both have had a few job changes, hubby has had a total career change, we've been to Fiji, bought 2 new cars and in between all that we decided to try for a baby!

The biggest challenge we have faced as a married couple is of course our TTC journey and I think if our relationship can survive this..well it can survive ANYTHING!!

I know that neither of us expected our life to take a detour down this particular road. We hoped to be on the express lane to parenthood but somehow, this is where we ended up. We have almost spent half of our married life trying to have a baby! How much longer is it going to take?!

At the moment it feels like the bad times outweigh the good, but looking back hubby and I have plenty of happy memories to share. We have built a life together and even without a baby, it is a happy one (most of the time). TTC has brought us closer together in many ways and has grown our relationship into something stronger....something that can stand tall against the batterings of late.

Sure sometimes the stress of infertility gets under our skin and we fight and yell and scream...but it passes and we stand again united..us against the world.

Because that's how it is..me and him, together. Hoping that one day we win the fight.

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Krista said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys WILL get through this and you will be stronger than ever once you do! XOXO!

Baby Hopes said...

Happy anniversary!!! Very inspiring post!!!

New Year Mum said...

Happy anniversary :)) Absolutely... if a couple can survive TTC then they can survive anything... and great to hear that you stand united :) You will win the race - your love and determination will get you there xoxo