False Start

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wazza decided that yesterday was not CD2 and dubbed it 'day limbo'. Apparently there was still too much of my lining left (I did wonder why my period has been so light...) and one of my ovaries had some small follicles on it still...So he didn't want me to start the Letrozole yesterday. Today is now CD1 and tomorrow I will start the Letrozole. Delayed by a few days, but as a friend pointed out, it's better than being cancelled! My next scan is CD12 which falls on Good Friday. Another bright and early appointment at 6am! DH will be home so I am going to try and convince him to drive me. I really want him to meet Wazza. I think it would help him to hear what he has to say about everything, and he comes across as the kind of doctor that would put males at ease in what can usually be an awkward situation.

So depending how the CD12 scan looks, I will trigger a day or so after and then transfer will be around 5 days (give or take) after that. The next hurdle is the transporting of our embryos from here to the new clinic. Hoping this happens sometime this week.

I have decided to look at this cycle not as a whole, but as hurdles we must get through to get our end result....it's making me slightly less stressed (so far).

Here's what I have come up with so far..

-CD2 scan and getting the go ahead to start the FET cycle
-transporting of our embryos from old clinic to new one (sometime between 11/4-15/4)
-CD12 scan (22/4) & getting go ahead to trigger
-thawing of embryos and successfully growing them to day 5 blastos if needed (towards end of April)
-having 2 perfect (or near perfect) embryos to transfer by transfer day (end of April)
-transfer going through without a problem
-making it through TWW and to blood test date without period arriving
-good HCG levels on first blood test
-POAS and see lines increasing in darkness (and see that lovely word 'pregnant' on a digital test)
-continue to see HCG levels rising on subsequent blood tests

I could go on with things about actually getting to have our first scan, seeing our little bubba/s on screen, hearing a heartbeat, making it past the miscarriage date, making it to 12 weeks etc etc...but for now...that's enough. Quite a few hurdles to get through in the next few weeks. I am glad DH will be home for some of it, though him being missing through the TWW could pose problems (only from my own emotional POV) but I will survive. I think he was away for a good chunk of the last TWW for our first IVF cycle and I did get through it without even POAS until he returned home! That's willpower I tell you!!

So now I suppose I can officially say that today marks day 1 of our FET cycle...and I really hope that it's the only one we need to do this year. Please bring us our sticky baby..make the rest of 2011 a happy one for me and my husband.


New Year Mum said...

Congrats on your day one... and you're so right to break things down into simple steps - I always find that so much less stressful. FX'd to bring you a little sticky bundle and to a happy 2011 :)) xoxo

Sushigirl said...

My period was really light on my first non-medicated FET and they weren't sure if the measurements were accurate. I think AF does it delibately to wind us up!

Amanda said...

I love the idea of taking small steps throughout this overwhelming process. Just focus on one goal at a time.

Good luck, I'm excited for you!