Needle Anyone?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Started the Clexane injections today. Totally different to the FSH jabs I did last year for our first IVF cycle.

Firstly, the needle was quite blunt and I had to push it into my belly with a bit of force.

Secondly, when I pulled it back stung and not just for a second. It stung for about 5 minutes after I'd done the jab. DH thinks I was just being sooky..

Today was also my last dose of Letrozole so let's hope I can say goodbye to the mood swings and hot flushes for now.

Other side effects from other meds are starting to appear though. It's like I cannot escape their wrath!

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Baby Hopes said...

Ouch... seriously... this process is torturous sometimes! :(

New Year Mum said...

I've heard Clexane can give quite a sting... ouch :(( I need to have Clexane once or twice a day throughout my next pregnancy (b/c of the clotting problem that cause her stillbirth)... not looking forward to it at all. Hope the other side-effects are manageable. Look after yourself and get lots of pampering... you deserve it :)) xoxo