Sunday Bloody Sunday

Monday, April 18, 2011

I am very glad Sunday is over..because you know what I got to deal with?!? A phone call at about 9am from DH telling me he had been in an accident and was standing looking at his car which was on it's roof!!!

-cue freak out-

I was alternating between screaming and bawling my eyes out. Not a nice phone call to receive when you are still half asleep.

DH had gone out fishing and had 2 mates in the car. They are all ok and all got out of the car without a scratch. I can't really explain how it happened if you don't know the road, but it was simply a freak accident. The police said DH did nothing wrong and there was no way he could have avoided rolling the car. Luckily it was at a low speed, otherwise I don't think the boys would have escaped unscathed.

The car on the other hand, wasn't so lucky..

Here it is being pulled out (and over) by the tow truck.

It was my pleasant duty of picking them up from the crash scene..not nice to see your car lying on it's roof on the side of a road..not nice to watch it be pulled out and flipped back right way up by a tow truck driver (who then let it slide and almost flipped it again!!).

The car is now at the towing companies yard and the insurance assessors will decide on Tuesday if it's fixable or a write off. Yes, thankfully we do have insurance.

The car looked pretty messed up. Drivers door wouldn't close, it wouldn't start, the front end is no longer straight, windscreen cracked, roof scratched and dented..and that's only what we could see! Weren't game enough to look under the bonnet or under neath the car. It was leaking something..oil or power steering fluid. The tow truck driver seemed to think it was borderline between a write off or repair job.

I am very thankful that my husband and his friends were not injured and walked away unharmed...but this is just horrible timing. I do not need the stress of this right now or the possible financial strains..I just want to focus on the FET and think positive thoughts..but that's quite difficult at the moment.

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Sushigirl said...

We've just bought a new car and both resented the expense at the moment. Still, at least all the people were ok, even if your car is now poorly. Fingers crossed it can be fixed for a reasonable price!

Anonymous said...

Woah, how scary! I'm so glad everyone was ok. Sorry about the added stress though. :(

Baby Hopes said...

What a scare! My goodness... I'm so glad he's alright. My husband was in an accident that totaled his car a few years ago... there's nothing more terrifying than getting that call.

Krista said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the accident...I'm glad everyone is okay though! I know what you just want everything else in life to go smoothly so that you don't have to stress and can just concentrate on making a baby! Hang in there....hopefully everything else is smooth going for you!

New Year Mum said...

What a nightmare.... so glad that they're safe and no injuries, which is amazing given the look of your poor car. You certainly don't need anymore stress at the moment... rest up and plenty of cuddles with DH. Love always xoxo

Amanda said...

Oh my god..that would be terrifying. I'm so relieved everyone was ok!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm so glad they are okay!!!