Home Alone

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So sad coming home to an empty house tonight. Can't believe DH is back at work for 2 weeks. Sometimes I really dislike the life of a FIFO wife! Right now I am trying to distract myself because otherwise all I want to do is snuggle up in bed and have a cry. The dog is being nice to me tonight and actually lying on the couch with me..usually when it's just me home he ignores me...but it's cold and I have a blanket so I think he's using me!

I made a decision on my hospital/obstetrician this afternoon so I am feeling much more on top of things (and like a good organised mummy to be). I have even booked my first appointment which isn't until the 20th June. DH will be home for that so hopefully we will get a scan done and he will be able to see our baby/babies since he's missing out on the first scan (which FYI is 10 sleeps away).

Still wondering whether I will even make it to the first ob appointment. Symptoms are here but not really strong...I know I should just relax and enjoy...but all I can think about are the 'what ifs'. I am still tempted to go back to my GP and see if I can have some more bloods done....


Stinky said...

These waiting times are so hard aren't they?! Nothing you can do, but all that time and more to think about it all

Lindsay said...

So here's my suggestion - let yourself have those what ifs, but set a time limit. If you find yourself going dark and deep for more than 15 minutes stop yourself and try to think positively. Its ok to have fears and worries and but don't let it take over.

Thinking about you while your hanging out alone,

♥ C said...

Im glad you have decided on a hospital and have an appointment with a Obs. Most of them are fantastic where we are so im sure you wont have any problems. :( about hubby going back to work, mine use to work away as well and I found it very lonely. Hugs for you!!

Remember to think positive and everything will be fine :) xx

JM said...

So what does FIFO stand for?

Good luck with the waiting game. I would be going out of my mind by now! Grow little ones, grow!!