It's abit chilly..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So the past few days there has been a cold snap's not even Winter yet and it's so chilly! I have pulled out my ugg boots and my flannelette PJ's because I am not game to use my electric blanket (some stuff I read online said it's not particularly good for pregnancy). Up until a few days ago I was wearing shorts and singlets to's crazy! Luckily the dog has been standing in as my hot water bottle which has been nice for my tootsies in bed of a night time.

I really feel for my DH though. This stint at work he is on night shift. So he starts work at 6pm and finishes at 6am the next morning. 12 hours outside in the middle of the night is bad enough, but during Winter time...ugh! And he will do this for 14 days straight!! Because he works with his hands he cannot wear gloves, but they do already wear long pants and long sleeves and his workplace has recently provided them all with lovely thick waterproof/fireproof/high vis jackets. He even took a beanie out with him this time looks a little something like this...(the one with the ear flaps minus the pom poms!)

A friend bought it for him as a joke present..but who's laughing now??! Certainly not DH who sent me a photo before of him out on site wearing this with his hard hat over the top! Classic!! I would imagine that his workmates are having a bit of a chuckle though...but he's warm and after it got down to 1.5 degrees last night I think he's wise to choose warmth over style!

Oh PS..I think someone asked in a comment what FIFO stands for. FIFO = Fly In Fly Out, meaning that my DH is flown in and out of the mining town he works from. :-)  


Stinky said...

A-ha! I thought it was football (thats FIFA though)

Love those hats, I'm after one myself, there's a bitter southerly at times here

JM said...

Thanks for explaining! I was curious what kind of industry he worked in witan such long away periods. I was thinking oil rig or something.

Sorr it's so cold- I'm lucky to be moving towards summer :)