Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today marks 6 weeks. All I can think about is whether or not our little one/s are still growing strongly inside of me. Bubble stopped growing at around 5w5d so of course the thought of this happening again weighs on my mind...ALL THE TIME!

Morning sickness has still not kicked in. This freaks me out. I need the reassurance that everything is going ok. No morning sickness to me shows that things are not ok. I still am experiencing other symptoms..but nothing strong enough to make me really believe that I will be seeing a blob and a heartbeat (if not times 2) on screen in 2 weeks time.

So far there is:

-cramping (which sometimes worries me but it hasn't been painful just noticeable)
-tiredness (very early bedtimes and daytime naps galore for me)
-sore boobs and nipples
-peeing frequently (more during the 4 or 5 times but starting to increase during the day now as well)
-increased appetite which turns to slight nausea if I don't eat often enough
-dizziness/light headedness
-metallic taste in mouth
-bloating (my stomach is still HUGE..well it feels huge)
-constipation (which I guess isn't helping the bloating) which is interchangeable with diarrhoea (go figure..)

Lots of little things which do add up...but not enough to make me feel completely confident. I don't know how I will get through these 2 weeks until the scan. No more blood tests..just waiting and wondering. I am hoping that if I begin to stress out too much that my GP might oblige and get me another BT done..or perhaps in for a scan slightly earlier?! I can only ask I suppose. See how I manage...I think if more symptoms kick in (especially morning sickness) then I might just be able to hold out until scan day...

On a different note, thank you to the ladies who left me comments regarding my post about whether to continue blogging. I was cheered by the support and encouragement to use my blog to write about whatever I wanted to. So I will continue...slowly changing over to a pregnancy blog but right now I am too scared to change anything until I know for sure I will be staying bear with me.


lostintranslation said...

I had absolutely no morning sickness with my first pregnancy (not now either - no symptoms at all besides some mild cramping and lower back pain and more zits...) and that one resulted in a very healthy, (more than) full-term baby who's now almost two years old. So it doesn't mean anything. All the other symptoms you mention are quite good pregnancy symptoms as far as I'm concerned!
Sorry you have to wait so long for the scan - mine is already coming Friday, at 5w4d - I'm a bit afraid it might be too early, but we'll see. Hang in there!

Sandy said...

I hope your scan goes well. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Cyndi said...

I think it sounds absolutely reasonable to ask your doc for another BT in a week for your sanity. I'm so excited for you!

JM said...

Ummmm yeah, I couldn't wait another two weeks. No way. Bug your doc!!!

And keep blogging... You'll love remembering all the little things that go on along the way.

New Year Mum said...

Don't worry... I didn't get morning sickness until well after my 6 - 7 week in my pregnancies. The symptoms on your list sound very "pregnant-y" though... once the morning sickness kicks in, you'll be wishing it away again. Always ask if you want bloods/scans earlier... this is your pregnancy and you have every right to ask. Love to you always xoxo

♥ C said...

Sending you lots of sticky and positive vibes.. keep us all updated on the scan and im sure everything will workout perfect for you! x