Saturday, June 18, 2011

10 weeks today, and just 2 more sleeps until our first obstetrician appointment where hopefully we can take a peek at our blob and make sure everything is going ok in there.

I know I keep harping on about symptoms (or lack of) but it's hard not to dwell on this after having a miscarriage. A few people have mentioned that perhaps as I get closer to the end of the first trimester I am just beginning to feel better..and others have suggested that maybe I am just one of the lucky ones who has dodged the morning sickness bullet. When I put my paranoia aside, I tend to agree with both chains of thought. So for now, I am going to enjoy the fact that I am feeling pretty good (minus the extreme fatigue) and concentrate on enjoying this pregnancy. I have spent WAY too long focusing on the negatives and I am going to kick them to the curb, along with my 'what ifs'. It's time to believe that this little miracle blob is going to stick around and come meet us in 6 and a half months time!!

DH is talking more and more openly about blob which is just wonderful. He is beginning to get his protective daddy mindset on and has taken over ALL the housework while he has been home so I don't have to do it on my days off. He is also making sure I am eating right and has been cooking some yummy dinners! The cutest thing was when I started jumping around the other day (can't remember why..think a catchy song was playing on the TV) and he was like 'Hey stop doing that! You've got another person inside you to think about!'. Very sweet!

I am starting to get excited that we are so close to being able to share our news with family and friends. Next time DH is home I will be past the 12 week mark and hopefully have had my NT scan done so that we can spread the news. I can't believe that we are almost there!!

Not much happening this weekend...the weather is gorgeous though so hopefully I'll get outside and enjoy the sunshine!


Babylicious said...

I'm just stopping by from ICLW and I'm glad I did. Congrats!!!! Isn't it amazing to see such an amazing little blob! I remember the feeling from last summer so clearly. I'd love to follow your journey!