Counting Down

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well the countdown is really on now...I've past the 30 week mark so there's probably only 8 weeks (or less) until our little man arrives. Seriously, where has the time gone?!?!

I had my pre-admission appointment at the hospital on Monday. I got to meet with one of the midwives and she ran through my medical history then we discussed what kind of birth I was aiming for...not that I am getting a choice in the matter.

She was really lovely and when I explained about needing a c-section she said, 'well then we need to make that the best possible birth experience for you'. She gave me a complete run through of the c-section process and how it would all go (if all goes to plan) and gave me lots of information to take home and read. I was pleased to find out that we can have our own music playing during the surgery and that I can still have skin to skin time once baby is out and has been checked over.

She then got me up on the table to have a feel of where bub is laying and got the Doppler out so I could have a listen to his heartbeat. I swear I could never get tired of that sound. It was funny when I lifted my shirt up she said 'oh have you been running into the kitchen table with your belly?'. I had to think for a second and realised she could see my fading bruises from the Clexane injections. I explained and she asked how long ago I had stopped them. I told her at 12 weeks and she was shocked to see I was still bruised! I guess I don't notice them anymore. They have faded A LOT but are still visible...I wonder when they will ever go away.

She also got me to do a quiz which I am guessing gives them a bit of an indicator on whether you will be at risk of PND. I guess my answers gave me a high score (which doesn't surprise me given my prior history of depression and what has been going on this year..miscarriage, IVF, death of my grandmother etc) because she mentioned a Mental Health Nurse that works in conjunction with the hospital (and especially with expectant/new mothers) that I may like to talk to. It's nice that they are so on the ball with this but at this stage of my pregnancy I am not feeling the need to speak to anyone. I may feel differently once baby has arrived so I will hang on to her contact details.

I was so impressed with how kind and caring this woman was though. If all the midwives at the hospital are as lovely as her then I know we will be in good hands during our hospital stay after the birth.

DH went back to work today...not many more stints left for him before baby arrives. I think he is getting really excited! We got so much done around the house while he was home which was wonderful. Hopefully next time he is back then we will get the last few things done and will be all ready for our little man.


♥ Cass said...

wow yes it certainly has gone very quick!!! How exciting for you both!! Im glad the mid wife was lovely it always makes a difference to have caring people around you!

Kelli said...

wow..oh wow...soon and so excited for you....time flies! said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience.... and such a caring nurse. People like this make all the difference :) Great that you can play music and have skin to skin contact after your CS... I asked for this and told that it wasn't possible. Lovely that they screen for risk of PND and offer someone to talk with... so much more awareness nowadays. Thinking of you on the home stretch... not long now :)) xoxo

Mel said...

oh wow... yay summa .... bubba boy is on the way !!! cant wait to meet him :-)
8 weeks to go.. so you will be around the same time Im due.. have you got a date as yet?