Thursday, December 29, 2011

Had my ob appointment this afternoon. It went well. We now have a new birth date for baby locked in. My ob has organised it all with the public hospital and organised the anesthetist and everything else. It's nice to be back on track with things and know what's going on. I have to go and meet with the anesthetist early next week and he will just run through how the epidural works etc etc. 

Today at the appointment I had to sign all the consent forms and the ob had to run through all the possible risks/complications. No fun hearing about those things, but I understand they have to do it. The scariest thing for me is the possibility of a hysterectomy. There is a lot they can try before it comes to this point, but it still scares me a little! Trying not to focus on all these negatives though. I also have to go and have a blood test so they can cross match my blood and have some units ready up at the hospital (just in case). 

I am going to call the public hospital tomorrow and find out if I can go up and have a tour just to familiarise myself with the place. Plus I figure it might be a good chance to get information on the private rooms and whether DH will be able to stay with me etc. 

Bubba is still doing well. In a good position for the Caesar with his head down (but not too low down that he's in the way). He's still hanging out at around 3.2kg so I think the obs guesstimate of 3.5kg is going to be pretty accurate! Despite him running out of room I am still getting lots and lots of kicks and wriggles. I am cherishing every one of these and I know I am going to miss this so much once he's out!

Not much else happening. DH is off camping for a few days (and hopefully back tomorrow). I think he wanted one last getaway with his mates before bub's arrival. We don't have exciting plans for New Years..personally I couldn't be bothered and I doubt I will be able to stay awake until midnight anyway! We are staying home and have invited some friends round for a BBQ and drinks...just an open invitation so no idea if anyone will actually be coming but that's ok. My sister is going to come and hang out for a while but won't want a late one as she starts work at 6am the next morning. 

So the countdown is back on...cannot wait to meet our little man!


Kelli said...

So excited for you! What's the new birthdate?

Baby Hopes said...

Can't wait!!! I'm so excited that it's so close!!! :)

lostintranslation said...

Glad you are back on track and no longer in the dark of what's going on. Can't believe how close you are to holding your little miracle in your arms! Sending lots of positive vibes your way for a good final days/weeks and a delivery with little to no complications.