Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I think my mum thought we might end up with a Christmas baby after yesterday afternoon! Thankfully bub is still snuggled away in my belly (and hopefully he stays that way until the new year!!).

I lost what I assumed was some of my mucous plug yesterday morning. Quite a large blob of gluggy looking brown stuff. I had been having quite a few braxton hicks the night before and that morning, along with some period type cramps. I didn't think too much of it, but my curiosity got the better of me and I started googling (never a good idea) which made me wonder whether I should call the midwives at the hospital just to make sure...I figured with the placenta praevia it couldn't hurt to be cautious either. So yesterday afternoon I gave the hospital a call and spoke with one of the midwives. She said it was best if I came in to be assessed as they needed to make sure I wasn't going into labour (because of the PP). She asked if I had my hospital bags packed and reminded me to bring them just in case.

DH was round at a mates place so I gave him a call...of course he chose this moment to not answer his phone!! I had his mates home number so called there after a few hopeless attempts at calling DH and sending a text which he never replied to. He was only about 20 minutes away from home so left once we got off the phone.

Arrived at the hospital about an hour after I had called. They were expecting us of course and showed us to one of the rooms. A midwife soon joined us and strapped me onto some machines. Bubs heartbeat came through loud and clear and she gave me a little button to press every time I felt him move or kick. Checked all my vitals and then started asking a stack of questions. She was lovely and put me at ease and didn't make me feel like a paranoid idiot for calling them! Although I'm sure they wouldn't have asked me to come in if they thought I was just being silly.

All up we were there for about an hour and all seemed perfectly fine with bub. I had one BH while I was strapped to the machine for monitoring but none of the cramps that had been happening earlier in the day and the night before. They checked with the ob on call and said I was free to go. She explained what I needed to look out for and when I needed to call them ASAP. Because of the PP I have to be a little bit more wary of any possible labour signs. She was actually very surprised that I had made it to 37 weeks with no bleeding given the PP.

Being at the hospital made me even sadder that I won't be having my baby there. It's so lovely and quiet and the staff are wonderful. Sucks that I can't be there...stupid placenta.

Christmas has been lovely so far. DH and I went out for dinner with my parents last night to a very yummy Thai/Malaysian restaurant. It was so good! This morning my parents, sister and her DP came to our place for our traditional family breakfast. Pancakes, ham and eggs with lots of maple syrup! Yum! We then all exchanged presents.

DH and I have spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. We went down the beach for a walk. DH and the dog even had a swim, but it was a bit rough for my liking. Can't believe how lovely the weather is here today after all the rain! Just perfect, and not too hot either!

We'll be heading up to my parents later this evening for Christmas dinner. My sister and her DP will be there, along with some of our extended family from mum's side. Should be a lovely night.

I feel pretty spoilt. DH gave me a new camera for Christmas. Been playing with it all morning. It's just a little point and shoot (as I already have an SLR) but it's packed full of cool features and I can even use it underwater!! Takes a lovely clear photo too. Be perfect for the millions of baby photos we will soon be taking!!!

This time last year we were feeling very blessed after our 1st IVF cycle had given us a BFP just days before Christmas. However, our little Bubble did not make it and we lost our precious angel early in 2011. It's amazing how much can change in a I am, pregnant again but this time instead of right at the beginning, I am almost at the end! In just a few short weeks we will meet our son. We are truly blessed. 

I hope all my blogger friends are enjoying a happy Christmas, whatever your plans may be.


Mel said...

Merry Christmas Summa, cant wait to meet your little man... so glad you went to the hospital to be checked out too. xxxMel