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Monday, December 19, 2011

Less than 4 weeks until our little one arrives!! I cannot believe it. I don't think I will until he is in our arms. It's still hard to comprehend the fact that we will have a baby in our home very, very soon. 

Had an ob appointment last week and she sent me off for another scan to check on my placenta and also to check on bub's kidneys as apparently they were slightly dilated at the morph scan. I had the scan on Friday. Bubba's kidneys are still dilated but I am trying not to stress about this as the tech said it could have been because his bladder was really full. I have another appointment with my ob this Friday so will hold off on the 'googling' and ask her all the questions I have. Asides from the kidneys, bub is growing well. My placenta is (of course) still right in the way of baby's exit but I am not surprised about this. I think I am resigned to the fact that I will be having a c-section and understand that it's in mine and baby's best interest.

I finished work last Thursday. They threw me a lovely farewell morning tea and I even got presents! Earrings and some yummy body butters for me and a $200 gift voucher to spend on baby, a baby record book and a cute Lamaze toy. I feel very blessed to work with such a generous bunch of people. I think it's going to feel weird tomorrow when I don't need to get up and go to work! But I am glad I am done and can have a few weeks at home to relax and finish the last few things on my to do list. 

-pick out and have new carpet installed in baby's room
-have air con installed in baby's room (going to hold off until the new year to install)

-pick up furniture
-put together furniture
-set up baby's room
-wash all clothes, blankets etc and put away
-clean up 2nd hand swing I bought months ago
-pack hospital bags for me and baby
-buy new mattress for bassinet
-set bassinet up in our room
-buy any last minute items
-baby shower (26 November)
-thank you notes for baby shower (bought the notepaper...now just have to write them!)
-attend breast feeding class (booked in for 30 November)
-have car capsule fitted (booked in for 30 November)
-cook some meals in bulk and freeze
-clean out kitchen cupboards (partially done..still a few more cupboards to go)
-clean out bathroom cupboard
-finish painting bathroom (don't think this will be done before baby arrives..unless DH does it over the Christmas/New Year period)
-clean out laundry cupboards
-clean out linen cupboard
-clean out study (it's become a dumping ground and it's a mess and I hate going in there)-decobweb outside of house
-wash windows (inside and out)
-stock up pantry on basics/essentials
-agree with DH on a list of baby names (I can't believe we still don't have any names!!)
-make a list of people (with phone numbers) to call/text after the birth
-clean car inside and out (before capsule is fitted)

I finished my Christmas shopping this morning. Got to the shopping centre nice and early (before opening time) and got a close car park and avoided the crowds. I have wrapped everything too and it's all sitting under the tree. This afternoon or tomorrow I plan on making short breads and rum balls...yum yum! Thursday I'll hit the supermarket early with mum and stock the fridge up with all the Christmas necessities. And then we will be all set for Christmas! I cannot believe it's this weekend!! We will be having a fairly laid back day this year. My parents, sister and her partner are coming here for breakfast on Christmas morning. Then we will head to my parents for dinner that evening, along with my sister, aunt uncle and cousins. DH's family are over in NZ so this is the first year we haven't had to juggle 2 families!! It makes for a nice change.

DH is home on Thursday so only 3 more sleeps! This past 2 weeks has gone fairly quickly. It's going to be lovely to have him home for 8 weeks!!! I think he is really excited now (about baby and the nice long holiday from work). This will be the longest he has been home since he started working away over 3 years ago. 


Baby Hopes said...

Great progress!!! Almost there!!!

NewYearMum2.blogspot.com said...

Wow... you're getting so close :)... and so organised :)) Thinking of you on the homestretch xoxo