Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well the doctor's appointment went well yesterday. I actually saw a new GP as the one I have been seeing has left the centre. She was great! Said it was good that I had come in even though it hasn't been 12 months. Did all the regular checks first-blood pressure, weight, medication check, and even a pregnancy test. Whipped out my FF charts to show her and she was very impressed! Was sent for some blood tests which I had done straight after my appointment. Pretty much she has said that it wouldn't hurt for me to lose 5% of my body weight (about 4kg) but that whatever the results of the blood tests, she will give me a referal letter for a Fertility Specialist!! That was music to my ears...She even said that if I had a preference for a FS that was ok too. So I will go back at the end of the week, find out the results and get my letter. 

All in all, a big step in the right direction.
So I have been researching FS's in my area. Put a post up on the Bubhub Forums to see if any of the lovely ladies there had recommendations or advice. Got some great feedback from my post, and now I don't feel so lost! Am narrowing it down to a few doctors and just trying to figure out whether to go for the one less than 5 minutes from home, or the one who is about 20 minutes away. I will have a chat to my GP when I go back and see if she has an opinion.

DH is still ok to go get and SA done. Will organise once he is back home....which is tomorrow!! 


I am slightly worried that there will be a big waiting list to see a FS. I don't know if I can cope with much more waiting..but I suppose in the grand scheme of things, what's a couple more months??
On a down note, another school friend announced their pregnancy on Facebook the other day.


Green Sprout said...

Think it depends on the specialist as to how long you wait. I could have been seen within a couple weeks but I couldn't go that early because it clashed with work and I don't really want them knowing I'm on the war path! lol!