Friday, March 26, 2010

Rang the doctor's surgery yesterday morning. BT results are all normal. Couldn't get another appointment to see her until after Easter, so will go back then and find out more information about what the BT's actually looked for, ask about whether she can get an ultrasound done (or if that's not until I see the specialist?) and get the referral of course. 

DH has gone off to see his doctor this morning. I think he was quite nervous. Despite all my reassuring, I think he is still under the impression that the doctor is going to ask for his 'sample' while he is there...

I hope his results come back clear. I really believe that if he finds out that he is the 'problem' as to why we have not got our BFP yet, I think it will gut him. Would be enough to make him give up on our baby dream I think..

Going to my cousins 'Dedication Day' tomorrow for her twins. Should be lovely, and hopefully I can have my baby fix!


Green Sprout said...

I had the U/S done at the FS. Basically, towards the end of the consultation I said he wished to do an internal examination and went onto specifc that it would be gentle examination! LOL! Was not unpleasant at all... perhaps a little too pleasurable given that I was literally about to pop the egg with minimal notice! It was a little uncomfortable taking it out actually but otherwise a breeze.

They'll be able to tell you what ur ovaries are doing, if they look normal (no cysts etc) and which way your uterus lies. Apparently, they can also see really bad endo on it too.