CD16 / 3DPO..I think!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Played around with my FF chart today..and if I get another high temp tomorrow then FF will put in my crosshairs..Putting O day as CD13 (Sunday)!! Lots of BDing done around perhaps we are in with a shot?!?

Having some strange sensations in my belly today. The heavy/crampy feeling has eased and has been replaced by twinges which are happening on and off all day. No idea what thats all about, but am trying not to read too much into it all's still very early days in the TWW!

Had a crap moment at work today. The lady I sit next to (who is a nurse) has commented the last 2 days about how tired I look. The nurse came out of her today and was all concerned about how I was feeling. I said I felt tired and she's like 'oh maybe you're pregnant!'. Of course I had to take the response of 'oh no I couldn't be..' type thing and she's like 'well I've planted the seed in your head now..sometimes these things happen!' It took all my willpower not to blurt out my whole sorry TTC story and the fact that it would be a miracle if I was pregnant, as the last 9 months have not produced any results..BUT I held my tongue. Work isn't the time or place for this type of thing.

I wish people would keep this type of comment to themselves. I know she meant well and was really concerned and wanted to make sure I am ok (that's what happens when you are a nurse I suppose), but people need to think about how sensative a topic pregnancy can be. Maybe you don't realise it until you are actively TTC (and having trouble)...but I know now I could never start hassling friends asking when they are going to have babies etc..because for all I know they are trying as hard as they can, without results!

Needless to say after this conversation, I just wanted to go and hide and have a good cry. But I couldn't as I had clients coming...

I am trying to stay positive and hope that our bubba might suprise us this month...It would be an absolute blessing if they did, as then we wouldn't even have to worry about DH's new roster..until it got closer to my due date..!! Hahaha..

C'mon little one..we are ready and waiting!!