Good news..well kinda

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DH got a call this morning to offer him a new job. 

He applied the other week and had to get a medical done yesterday..Didn't think they would call so quickly and offer him a job though!! It's a really good opportunity as it's more money and they will hopefully train him up quickly so he can get his Drilling qualifications. One of his mates (who he has worked with previously) also works for this company and has given good reports. DH has accepted the position and when he heads back to work on Thursday he will give his notice to his current employer. He will be away for 10 days, come back for a night and then will leave the next morning to start his new job. 

Downside to this wonderful new job is that he will be back on a 14/7 roster. Right now he is extremely lucky and works even time-10/10. It's been great. He has done 14/7 before. It's bearable, but we weren't very successful in him being home at the right time of the month..

If my cycles stay about the same, then he might make it back next month in time. That would be great as I would have had the HyCoSy done and perhaps it will have worked it's magic and unblocked my tubes..and as DH keeps saying he can then 'impregnate me'...LOL

So I suppose it's good news, with a hint of bad?!?

Not much happening on the TTC front. I temped this morning but I had a really fitful sleep and my temp was very low, so I don't think it was accurate. I am still believing I am in the TWW. If I ovulated Saturday or Sunday then I am 2-3DPO. Not much happening. Been feeling a little crampy..not painful cramps though..more like a heavy sensation.

 No motivation at work today..I am over my job. It's not enough of a challenge for me and I like to be busy all the time..which I am not with this position. I would love to find something new, but I have been here almost a year and am entitled to maternity leave. It's such a cruisy job and the fact that I only work 3 days a week is so great! I figure that it's the perfect job to go back to once I have had a baby too. Very flexible, no stress and good hours...So I will grin and bear it for now.