long weekend seemed way too short!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Can't believe it's Monday evening and both DH and I go back to work tomorrow. That weekend has gone way too quickly for my liking!!

We got up early this morning and took the dog down the beach. It was so beautiful down there. Finally having some nice weather after all the rain, but definately could feel that Winter chill in the air!!!

Got home, had breakfast and decided to go visit my grandma. Took her up some of the Anzac biccies I made and she was rapt! :) Spent a few hours chatting with her. She seems to be doing well and is in quite good spirits. Luckily she has a wonderful, supportive family who are all doing their bit to take care of her! She has had visitors all weekend which she loves.

DH decided to go off fishing this afternoon with a mate, but I stayed home. Put on a DVD and promptly fell asleep...woke up after about 1.5 hours feeling worse! I hate it when that happens..I am putting the tiredness down to an early start this morning...not getting my TWW crazies on just yet! 

Nothing much else. Had a few cramps last night and this morning...but really light...only noticed them coz I was lying in bed not doing anything else. My temp went WAY up this morning too...hoping this is a good sign, but again trying to keep the crazies in check!!

Friday can't come quick enough for my liking!!