Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yes you read right..6DPO!! 

I played around with my FF chart this morning, and after I took out my first temp of the cycle (which was really low and out of place) it changed my O day to CD16 (from CD8)!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means we have a shot this month!!! We BDed 2 days before O and on O day, so hopefully it's all we need to get our much waited for BFP.
I am super excited now that I am back in the running for a 2010 baby! It does not bother me in the least that the baby would be due in December...I really don't care when our baby would be long as he/she is healthy! Infact I figure if I was to get my BFP I would rather be having morning sickness now it's getting cooler, than to be feeling sick all day in the heat. 

Probably getting a little ahead of myself, but trying to be positive. Not reading into 'symptoms'...yet. The cramping I had the other days has my only thought has been maybe it was implantation cramps? Asides from that I am not feeling anything different. But it's early days yet, and plenty of time to get into the swing of the TWW crazies! Hehehehe...
Hoping having DH home over the Easter weekend will take my mind off it a little. Still no plans, but we usually decide stuff pretty last minute anyways.