CD26 / 10DPO

Monday, April 5, 2010

Well I was getting all excited as my temps kept rising over the weekend...and then today a massive temp drop below coverline. 
Couple this with some browny tinged CM and cramps and I think AF is on her way :-(

I could get my hopes up and think it's implantation bleeding..but I have done that before only to be dissapointed. It will be enough of a let down when AF makes her arrival without adding positive thinking into the mix. 
So since that letdown this morning I have done nothing. DH has gone out fishing and I have stayed home. Been stuffing myself with Easter eggs and now I feel better. Must be all the chocolate, because I have nothing else to feel good about today.

DH still has not had a phone call to say when he will be going back to work. I was counting on first thing this morning, waking us up and expecting him to be at the airport in an hour (which is only doable in the wee hours of the morning when there is no traffic). But nothing yet. He thinks he will get told this afternoon and that the flight will be in the early hours of tomorrow morning. That would be right. Means that I have to get up super early and then drive myself back and go to work...BAH to that. 

I survived a lunch at SIL's house on Saturday. DH and I got into a fight about it that morning as I did not want to go. But he won. 

We got there late and under the impression that it was to be a big family lunch with lots of the relos. Got there to see no other cars parked out the front of their house. She lied. It was just us, her, her husband, his sister and the MIL. Yippee!! (please note sarcasim)

Was stuck sitting around a table. No where to go. Ate straight away. No talking required. Once the food was finished it was another story. 

Baby talk. Constantly. She could not shut up. And everytime someone changed the topic of discussion, she would turn it back on her again. She can not stand to not be centre of attention. It is infuriating.

I could not bring myself to join in on the baby talk. I just grit my teeth and listened. She is already buying up everything. Has already started organising a nursery. Asking people to be godparents. Personally I think it is a bit premature. I mean she is probably only about 4 weeks along, and after hanging around on BubHub for so long, I have seen that just because you got that BFP on a stick, does not mean you will be getting a baby in 9 months time. And she did tell DH the other day that her levels were quite low in her BT reasults the other day and that the doctor wanted her to get more done this week....I mean I think she is jumping the gun just slightly..especially with all the people she has told. 

I just sat there in silence pretty much the entire time. DH held my hand under the table which I appreciated. SIL was acting so strange..almost manic. Crazy laughing (over EVERYTHING) and talking so fast. I have often wondered whether she is an undiagnosed bipolar, as over the years she has acted like it quite often. 

DH managed to get us out of there after about 2 hours. It was a relief to leave. Hopefully we won't be expected to go back there anytime soon. Perhaps DH will feel that his duty has been fulfilled for awhile....