Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still feeling crampy on and idea whether it's AF about to make an appearance or what. A few ladies have suggested that I may have O'd later then what FF has marked..which if true then I am in with a chance of getting my BFP! I am trying not to pin my hopes on that though, but if AF hasn't arrived in a few more days then I will start to wonder....

I am feeling a little better after the shock yesterday, but SIL is now posting cryptic messages (which I know the meaning of) on Facebook..I don't know how I will go having that in my face every day for the next umpteen weeks until she officially reveals her pregnancy to the world..but hey, what can I do?!?
On a good news note..DH found out today that he doesn't have to go back to work until Monday!! Apparantly they are rained out on the site, so there is no point in him going back yet. Yay!!! Very pleased as he wasn't home last Easter, so nice that he gets to be this time round. Will have to think of something exciting to do now..I planned on sitting at home with the dog eating copious amounts of easter eggs...hehehehe.