Saturday, April 10, 2010

I think AF is almost done. Down to spotting now, so I am glad to see the end of her. This has been the longest and heaviest AF since I came off the pill last August. Perhaps my body has finally cleaned itself out properly and now it's ready to be pregnant?!? A few of the BH girls have said that their AFs before their BFP were really heavy and here's hoping!

I was reading a pregnancy diary on BH this morning, and this woman is having her 3rd baby and has found out its a boy. She already has 2 boys and was talking about how angry and upset she is that she isn't having a girl. 

This upsets me. 

She is about to have her 3rd child. I am struggling to be able to have one.

I would be happy to just fall pregnant at this point in time, and honestly could not care if we were blessed with a boy or a girl. I can't believe that someone would be that upset over the sex of a baby..Ok fair enough every mother would like a little girl..but come on! There are people out there that are not even able to have one. She should be counting herself lucky that she is up to number 3!!!!

Just gets to me..Sorry about the rant.

No plans for the weekend. Meant to be going to a friends birthday BBQ & drinks tonight. But I don't know if I will go. Everyone will be in couples and I am still not used to going to stuff like that when DH is away. Makes me feel awkward when everyone is sitting with their other halves..and then there's me. Will see how I feel tonight.