Sunday, April 11, 2010

I think AF has officially left..had some more spotting this morning, but nothing since. Good timing as DH is home Tuesday! 

Quiet day today. Went to visit my grandmother. We found out the other day that she has lung cancer. Bit of a shock to the family. We knew something was up as she has been having lots of tests done. but it's taken weeks for the doctor to diagnos exactly what was wrong. My mum is quite upset about it, as her dad died a few years ago from cancer also. Not sure what the next step is from here. She is turning 83 this year so I don't know what kind of treatments she will be able to handle. She was looking pretty good today. A bit sore and slow as she had to have her lungs drained which involves surgery and stitches..I think she is really glad to be home though.
I went to the BBQ last night and actually had a good time. There were not as many couples there as what I imagined which was nice. Made me feel less out of place. Almost everyone was drinking so of course all very friendly and talkative! I only had 1 as I had to drive myself home (another downside of not having DH around!!). Ended up being a late one and I didn't get home until just before midnight. I am glad I decided to venture out of the house...need to do it more often.

Very excited that in 2 more sleeps I will be picking DH up from the airport. It is going to be a busy 10 days home for him. Gotta get his 'sample' for the SA done ASAP, our 3rd wedding anniversary on Wednesday and I am hoping we can at least go out for a nice meal somewhere, camping that weekend (hopefully) and then our FS appointment. Plus somewhere before the FS appointment (but after SA is done) DH needs to squeeze in a visit to his GP to get all his results. 
One down side to DH being home is that I am sure his sister will be in contact..which means I will hear more news about her pregnancy...I really don't want to hear about it. Hopefully I won't have to see her though...