the wheels are in motion...

Friday, April 9, 2010

I got my referral for the FS!! 

I made the call as soon as I got home as I was expecting to be told there would be a 2-3 month wait (as there often is with specialists). The lady I spoke to was lovely and very understanding that I had to try and organise an appointment around DH's work rosters. She offered me an appointment next week, but after discussing it with her I figured we should get DH's SA done before we show up. So then I figured we wouldn't be able to get in until next time DH is home which is May and then she said the doctor is away most of May..My heart sank. Then she said what about Monday the 19th? Will your husband still be home?

Yes! He will be!! So our first appointment is the 19th. So only a week and a bit away...I can't believe it. It makes it all so real now. But it also makes me feel lighter, like taking this step has taken the weight of TTC off my shoulders. Hopefully we can get some answers very soon and we will see those magical 2 lines in no time..

And in the mean time we will keep never know what will happen!