unmotivated and no energy,,,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Having a flat day. No motivation and no energy. I didn't drag myself out of bed this morning until after 11am. I just couldn't be bothered getting up earlier so just lay there and read. 

I am up now..but still in PJs and trying to muster up the motivation to do the housework. Seems like way too much effort...2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, dining/lounge, kitchen, TV room and a study...ugh! Where do I even start?!?! The biggest mess is the dog hair..it's everywhere!! The dog sheds like crazy and his coat is really coarse and sticks to everything! Total nightmare to clean up. I swear I need to vacum daily to try and de-fur everything. I am tempted to shave him, but he would look so sad.

Nothing much on the TTC front. AF has finally left-yay! So now it's waiting for ovulation. DH will be home tomorrow, so I think we will just have to get busy...Need to get to the chemist and get some pre-seed too.

Well I suppose I should stop procrastinating and just get this housework done. I also want to bake something yummy for DH and I need to get some groceries. I think DH is sick of coming home to a completely bare fridge and pantry...