what now?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I just read over my post from last night..pity party for 1?!? I guess we are all entitled to that every now and again, though for me at the moment it seems that it happens too regularly for my likely. I blame the crazy TTC lady that hides inside me and pops out whenever she feels like it. 
I am feeling better today. 

In my moment of self pity yesterday, I forgot to mention that one of my lovely BubHubber friends got her much waited for BFP yesterday!! So excited for her and do hope that this is her sticky bubba.

I did decide yesterday when I wasn't moping, that I need something else to occupy my thoughts. Something else to obsess over (in a much healthier way then TTC). I have been umming and ahhing about doing some further study for some time now. I have done all the reasearch. Figured out which universities offer distance education. Decided what I would like to study. The only thing I have not done is taken the plunge and applied...

So I have decided that I will apply for mid year intake. I got the application forms off the website and tomorrow I will fill them in and get all the extra documents needed (certified copy of uni results etc) and send off my application. 

I am quite excited. 

Perhaps this is what I need to take my mind off babies, or more to the point the lack of babies. It will also stop my brain from turning to mush as I feel it slowly is due to the lack of stimulation in my current job. I am also nervous, as I know studying via distance can be challenging. But I feel I am ready for a new challenge.

On the TTC front-have found out DH will be home Tuesday. So he will be back in time for our 3rd wedding anniversary and be around for O time! Perhaps we may be blessed with a baby conceived on our anniversary? I can only hope. 

Off to the doctor tomorrow. Need to make a decision on which FS I would like the referral for. Will book DH in to see his GP so that he can get these blood results. I also need to call up the blood place to find out an appropriate time to bring DH's sperm sample in. Apparantly you need to arrange a suitable time to bring this type of sample in...I guess because it can't be stored for long. 

Still debating about this cycles approach. I figure I will keep up temping until I see the FS. At least I will have quite a number of charts to show them, and they will see that I have been pro active. I don't know if I will bother with OPKs. I think I will just tell DH that we need to BD every day (or perhaps every 2nd) while he is home...I am sure he will not have any problems with this approach! Hahaha..