where the hell is AF?!?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another temp drop today. Figured it would happen. Thought AF would arrive sometime in the AM. It's now 4PM and still no sign of her. Not a cramp, not a spot...NOTHING!

So I am extremely frustrated. If she's coming, I just want it over with. I am on CD26/13DPO today. Don't make this cycle drag out any longer...*sigh*

Had such a lazy day today. Was in my PJs until lunchtime when a friend text and asked if I wanted  to meet for coffee at 1PM. I agreed. I needed to get myself off the couch and out of the house. So wet met, had a drink and a catch up then headed to the shops for a browse. 

Her DP works in the mining industry also, so she gets the whole FIFO thing and how crap it is to not have your man around all the time. DH used to work with her DP, and will be working with him again when he starts this new job. It's nice to have one person in my life who completely gets the ups and downs of a partner working away. Especially in this industry when rosters get f*&@ed around all the time and you have no idea if they are coming or going. Although she is not at a stage of TTC, so she doesn't get that bit. 

I have felt sick on and off all day. Woke up feeling good then went downhill once I ate. By the time I met my friend I thought I was ok again, but I had a fresh juice and some wedges and felt disgusting afterwards. Still not feeling 100% now. Hope I'm not getting sick. 

Well another night at home to look forward too..think I'll go to bed early. I'm exhausted.