oh happy day

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good day today!!! Smiley

I am very pleased to report that I got to meet 3 of my wonderful FB girls!! Green Sprout , NanaK & Shel. Several hours went by as we chatted like long lost friends! I was amazed at how comfortable we all were with each other. But I suppose after chatting for so long about our CM and periods, I think you pass the awkwardness phase pretty quickly! 

Later in the day I had my lunch date with my old workmates and that was great too. Got to catch up on the gossip from my old work. Wow, am I glad I left when I did!!!! Terrible things going on there now...Smiley

Had a little bit of a chat to DH about the possibility of IUI. He's not keen. I think for him making a baby is us having sex...He doesn't want it to end up like this (and I can understand that-it starts to feel a little bit too scientific)...But I tried to explain that this is where we might end up anyway (depending on if they figure out what's wrong with me). So I have said to him we will see where we are at in July. If I am still not pregnant, and we are still having issues with his rosters, then I have said to DH that I would very much like to give IUI a go. If his rosters have sorted out..then we might let it go a little longer. Anyway, it's something for him to stew on for the next few months...Ultimately, if we want a baby-we might not have a choice but to step it up a notch or two. Smiley

So, I can see the light right now! It's not completely dark in my hole. I don't know how long it will last...but I hope it only gets brighter in here until I can see my way out!Smiley 

PS-Thanks to Green Sprout for giving me a lesson in inserting smileys!  
Blog looks way more interesting now!!!