Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quiet day today.

Got up early to take the dog for a run down the beach.Smiley Was a little chilly and overcast, but the dog had a great time.

Haven't done too much for the rest of the day. Went down the shops for a look around, but was good and didn't buy anything! scuba diving Was very tempted though..I need some new clothes for winter!

DH definately has at least another week away at work.Smiley Was expecting that. Oh well-it's out of my control. Smiley

Feeling quite lethargic today. Think I will stick a DVD on and curl up on the couch.. SmileyCan't be bothered trying to tackle the housework..maybe tomorrow! Although I am waiting to hear if my cousin is free. I need my baby fix so want to visit her and the twins! I haven't seen them since their Naming Day which was 2 months ago.

Nothing to update on the TTC front. Possibly about to ovulate or just have...No idea what CD I am. I don't really care either. Image and video hosting by TinyPic