pondering the fairness of life..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

One of our FB girls found out yesterday that she has lost her bub. She was almost at the 12 week mark. Sadly, bub stopped growing at around 9 weeks. Devastating.

I cannot begin to imagine how she and her DH must be feeling. To try for 12 months and finally get that good news, then to think you are almost in the safety zone..and then to be told this. It's heart breaking. 

It makes me wonder how fair life is. Out of our little group of 10, 6 have lost bubs. These are all women who dearly want children and have had long, tough roads to get to the point of actually falling pregnant. 

Yet there are women out there who fall pregnant at the drop of a hat, and don't think twice about complaining about their pregnancy or the fact that it isn't a good time to have another baby. Then there are the junkies who end up with healthy babies despite what they do to their bodies. How is that fair?!?!

But I suppose life is never fair...

On a me update..DH home. AF almost done. Think I have a slight case of thrush though..yuk! He definately won't be home for the right time for the next 2-3 cycles. 

I give up. It's just too hard.