Friday, April 30, 2010

No idea what my body is trying to do.

No sign of AF. No spotting. No cramping. Usually that would be happening.

Increase in CM today. Creamy, but watery. And as of this afternoon, my cervix has dissapeared!!! I usually have no trouble finding it, and yesterday when I checked it was there..slightly high and slightly soft, but there. 


No idea what this is all about. I was madly Googling to see what could be going on. There is a possibility I am pregnant..or my body is just being stupid and wants to play further mind games with me. 

I believe its the later.

Spoke to DH earlier. He will be home middle of the week, then leaves on the Monday I am having my HyCoSy done. So there goes cycle #11. Easy as that.

It's not his fault, but I got a little stroppy with him on the phone when he delivered this news to me. As he put it, does he want me to tell them he can't and just not work? Or would I rather he be making money so we can pay the mortgage and actually have a place to put a baby when one eventually comes? 

I bet you know my answer. *sigh* Sometimes FIFO work is such a curse. 

Despite my crappy start to the day, I did actually manage to cheer up. I went out with my mum this afternoon. We had lunch and then went op-shopping. Was good. Plus, my dog is extremely entertaining, and it is hard not to smile when he is around. I would be such a sad sack (well more so then what I am) if we didn't have him! 

Tonight is another Friday night home alone. So depressing. I feel like an old woman-sitting at home night after night. Though I feel terrible. I ate dinner and then about 15-20 mins later felt gross...*TMI ALERT* Horrible cramps started and then it was a dash to the loo..I don't think I need to elaborate any further. Stomach empty, but still feel grotty. And I am tired.

No plans for the weekend.