Sunday, June 27, 2010

AF is being a serious bitch.

I am in pain. I have had about 4 advil in around 2 hours and it doesn't even seem to be having any affect. The heat pack is not helping either.

It's almost 10pm on a Sunday night. No chemist open to get stronger drugs. I will just have to lie here and hope I can sleep away the pain.

My stomach feels rock hard, bloated and heavy. Lying down seems to ease the pain ever so slightly.

Have never felt pain like this during a period before...

Makes me remeniscent of the good old days when I was on the pill and could skip this all together!

I am slowly climbing back out of my pit of still hurts but I can't stay down here on my own forever no matter how crap life is sometimes.

Thinking of the FS appointment and the million things I want to ask...must make a list...

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Green Sprout said...

Hmmmm.... it wasn't until that happened for the first time after skipping work for a few months on day one, that I contemplated the endo thing seriously. Something else perhaps to throw into your bag of things to think about?