CD1..starting our 13th cycle of TTC

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The title says it all.

AF hit this morning. It's bad. Really heavy and really bad cramps.

Still not on the up and up yet. Perhaps after my FS appointment Wednesday when I have some perspective...but right now I am content to wallow.

DH goes back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. It would be nice if he would be around for the FS appointment. I have a feeling I will want a shoulder to cry on and some massive cuddles. Guess I will just have to settle for his voice over the phone...

Trying to keep busy and distracted. Went and picked up our dining room table and chairs yesterday!! It's been sitting at friends place for about 6 months now (we are buying it from her). I am in love. Its a gorgeous square table with 4 chairs. Only smallish but with the space we have for it...its perfect. We have never had a dining room table before, so it's abit of a novelty!! Infact I am sitting at it now with my laptop. I think this will become my study area once uni starts...

Out to lunch with my sister and her boyfriend today. favourite! So I can gorge on lots of yummy food...mmmmmm.

Not much else.

Thanks to my wonderful girls. Your thoughts, kind words and virtual hugs mean the world to me. How would I survive all this without you?