Monday, June 28, 2010

Well I survived the night...Still pain this morning but not as crippling as last night. The Advil seems to be doing the trick now and keeping the pain at bay (at least for 4 hours at a time). Will give the heat pack another burl tonight and see how I go. Smiley

DH has gone back to work. I am feeling really bummed about it. Smiley I think I'm just feeling emotional about everything at the moment. Need to work out how to pull myself out of this slump.

Back to work tomorrow. Hoping AF has eased slightly as I will be busy making last minute arrangements for mid term orientation. Hoping I can get through the next 2 days at work without too much drama..I just want it to be Wednesday afternoon and time for my FS appointment.

Gotta work out all the questions I want to ask him...still haven't written my list. Smiley Where to start?? How about-how come I haven't fallen pregnant yet?????? I keep having visions of myself falling apart during the appointment...I don't wanna do this. I don't want to cry to the FS. Head Shake Pictures, Images and Photos

hello smilie Pictures, Images and Photos to all my new followers. I am sorry I have been slack with the welcome. It's been a bit dramatic around hello and thanks for reading! I think I am following all your blogs, but if not..let me know!