CD5...the weekend begins!

Friday, June 4, 2010

So thought AF was gone as yesterday was just spotting but she made a reappearance this morning! GRRRR!!! Not impressed. Hoping it stops soon. Smiley

I had wondered about some cramps this morning and had begun to freak myself out that I was ovulating really early!! So in a way I am relieved it was AF...would have been extremely pissed off at my body if it decided to ovulate before DH got home...Smiley

I tell you what though...the female body is ridiculous!! When you need it to work-it doesn't and when you don't care-it does! 2 TTC friends are having a shit time with their temperamental bodies right now and my heart goes out to them. Smiley

They are doing everything they can to help their bodies with this process but are rewarded with frustration only. We might need to have a group telling off and threatening session...perhaps it might help if we humiliate them in front of others?!? Smiley

Spent the morning down at the shops. Put my car in for a service this morning and silly me decided I would be fine to kill 3 hours down at the shops rather then been taken home! LONGEST 3 HOURS EVER!! Smiley DOH!!

I did manage to find some bargins. Got a few new tops for $10 each and some leggings. I also got some light fittings for the house (as for some weird reason all the lights except for the lounge and kitchen are bare bulbs...). Got some really nice ones at Target and they were on sale for $9 each! BARGIN!! Smiley Now I just need DH to install them!!! Add it to the list...writing Pictures, Images and Photos

Not impressed with the car service though. Cost me $400!!! fish shocked Pictures, Images and Photos So cranky as when DH used to work there we just had to pay for parts (and we got those cheap too). It's amazing how much they can charge for labour considering none of the mechanics would earn more than about $20 an hour. RIP OFF!!!! Smiley

Fairly quiet weekend planned. Going with my sister tomorrow for a mani/pedi. Smiley Something very girly which I have never had done before...but I figure it will be fun?! Hopefully catching up with a friend sometime over the course of the weekend too.