CD4...and I niked!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

AF is almost gone! Smiley Glad to see the back of her for another month..or maybe 9?!?! (wishful thinking on my part..)

I did something scary today..well it's not actually scary. I am just scared and excited and nervous all at once about it! 1sm118ChairHide Pictures, Images and Photos 1sm184happyrun Pictures, Images and Photos Worried Smilie Pictures, Images and Photos

C'mon out with it..what did I do?!?!?!

I applied to go back to uni!!! Worried Smilie Pictures, Images and Photos 

I think I must be a little bit crazy to be doing this...but I have been debating this over and over in my head since last year and well...I finally took the plunge!! shocked Pictures, Images and Photos

I have applied to do psychology. This is going to take me forever because first I have to do a graduate diploma (as I already have a non-psychology related degree) then I have to do honours or a post graduate diploma...and then I can gain probationary registration and either do 2 years of supervised work or complete a masters or doctorate so I can become a registered psychologist. Smiley

To start the grad dip is going to take me 2 years part time (no way I could handle full time while working). Honours or a postgrad dip is another 2 years part time and then a masters can be up to another 4 years part time!!!!! Smiley 8 YEARS!!!!!! But it will be well worth it in the end. And it's something to focus on rather than the lack of babies in my life.

So now I have to see if I get a place. There are 2 universities that offer this externally which means I do it all at home. I have only applied at one of the unis and will wait to see the outcome. Figure its always good to have a backup plan though! laughing Pictures, Images and Photos

So that's my exciting/scary news. Despite being scared and nervous, I am actually looking forward at getting back into some study. I feel like my brain is turning to mush. Smiley Will admit that I am shit scared about writing essays again though...UGH! Oh well, will deal with all of this when/if I get in!

This entry is very lacking in TTC info, but there is nothing much to say. DH should be home Tuesday. Haven't heard otherwise but it's usually a last minute decision when they change his roster. Please keep your fingers crossed Pictures, Images and Photos for me that nothing changes and he gets to come home...Would be nice to get a shot at making this much wanted baby of ours!