Freaking Out

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am freaking out about my FS appointment.

I am nervous..who knows why?!? Just me being stupid I suspect. I have butterflies the size of small kittens slamming around my stomach right now. It's unpleasant to say the least...

I am scared that I will get the brush off. I am scared that he will want to do more tests before putting some sort of action in place.

I am petrified that I will walk away unhappy and upset. Which means I will have to go about finding a new FS...

This equals more wasted time. More cycles doing nothing more than what we have done for the past 12 (which obviously IS NOT WORKING!).

I can't handle that. More waiting will drive me completely round the bend. Doing nothing will send me over the edge which I am precariously balancing on right now...


I know this isn't meant to be easy (wait a is easy for the majority of the population) but I have had enough.

I know I say this again and again, but seriously I am at breaking point.

This HAS to go well.

Only 2 and three quarter hours to go.....

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