a little bit fuzzy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

 So this is me right now. Sick.

Woke up this morning feeling even worse then I felt last night. Runny/stuffed up nose, fuzzy head, watery eyes. Miserable!!

I would have loved to stay at home in bed, but I had to go to work. Not a very good idea!

I haven't been into work since Wednesday last week as I had a conference to attend Thursday & Friday, and I don't work Mondays. Over these days we moved offices...well we moved to the upstairs space that has just been renovated and now the downstairs space will be renovated and some of us will move back down when its done. I am one of the ones who gets to move twice..lucky me! But I am excited as I finally get a real office with 4 walls and a door!! Smiley

So I walk into my new (temporary) office and all my boxes are everywhere..plus my computer and phone are NOT set up! Smiley Not very impressed...spend the next 30 minutes trying to set them up and realise my computer keyboard has died in transist and does not work anymore! Cue more time to find another one that does work....I finally get logged on and I have 86 emails in my inbox!!!! Smiley Not cool!

I spent most of the day catching up and trying to dig out the stuff I use most from the boxes. I could not face doing a total unpack today. Just wasn't feeling up to it.

After a cranky end to the day (can't be bothered to go into details but it involved someone palming some disgruntled students off onto me and telling them I could fix their issues..but THIS IS NOT MY JOB!!). Definately didn't need this when I was feeling unwell, plus it made me look like an idiot in front of the students which is not on! Smiley

I was so glad to get home today. I am hoping tomorrow I will feel better as I have a million things to organise for mid year orientation on Thursday and I have to leave work early tomorrow to get to my FS appointment.

I still haven't sat down and written all my questions down for him. I want to feel prepared and make sure I ask him everything I can possibly think of! I am really hoping I walk away feeling satisfied. I don't think I can cope with a letdown at this stage..and definately can't cope with the thought of finding another FS and starting again.