Another person who isn't me is pregnant

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have noticed that since we started TTC that I seem to hear so many more stories about people falling pregnant at the drop of a hat..or maybe it's the same amount but I never used to care.

Well now I care, and when I hear these stories it's like a slap in the face. It also makes me question the workings of the universe.

Take this little beauty that a friend told me last night.

A friend of hers has recently found out she is pregnant. The UTD lady in question is 33 and single. The father is a random she met in a bar who is from the UK and here on a holiday visa.

Ok now if this wasn't enough to piss you off..then wait till you hear the back story.

This UTD woman went to see a psychic a few months ago. The psychic told her she could see her pregnant this year. Apparently this really excited her as she has always wanted kids. So what did she proceed to do?!?

Make the prediction come true of course!!

She has since been sleeping with guys with no protection hoping that the psychic would be right.

And what do you worked!

So that's today's lesson in the fucked up workings of the universe.

What have I learnt? That getting drunk and having sex with a random drunk will get me why didn't I think of that a year ago?!??!?

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