Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My DH is home today! Well actually he is home right now but I am stuck here at work for a little while longer...

Today I am CD10 and down to my twice daily dose of metaformin. Hoping the letrozole actually does something..or at least my FS can see it has done something when I go for my ultrasound next week.

Not expecting to O for another few days at least..but I think my body is gearing up as have had very watery CM today and a few interesting pains...

I can handle it (sort of) if we don't make a baby this month, but will be quite upset if my body doesn't work right now it's medicated. I will be especially pissed off if I don't ovulate or something, when I know that was happening pre-meds. To me it will then definately highlight that we are going backwards, not forwards.

Not feeling quite as sick today from the metaformin which is a nice change. Though my latest side effect seems to be constipation...not exactly comfortable but nicer than feeling like I want to spew all day long.

Been feeling very anxious about everything, but I suppose this is normal. I have this feeling of being on edge all the time..like I can't quite switch off. I suppose not sleeping well doesn't help this either. After 2-3 decent nights sleep I had a terrible one last night. Brain again in overload mode. Working too hard and too fast...and then it can't switch off.

I am also freaking out about starting uni again. It all begins on the 19th. I feel unprepared. I have no course work or textbooks yet. I have only logged on to the online uni system once or twice but have not had time to find my way around. I don't know how to get my student ID, how to borrow library books (as I will be an external student) or even if there are lectures online...

Ahhhhhh!!! Not helping with stress levels. But I'll get there. Just need to spend sometime looking around the uni site and i am sure i will get some answers and put my mind at ease.

Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for Shel who is now in the TWW. Hoping our little group deserves some luck and we have some good news to celebrate. I am also holding out hope (and waving her banner high) for Green Sprout. She is in the TWW too, and despite her doubts..well you just never know! Would be nice to get double the good news!

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